All-Purpose Aloe Healing & Cleansing Gel™
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All-Purpose Aloe Healing & Cleansing Gel™


When you're on the go, there's no easier way to keep your baby's delicate skin clean, protected, and baby soft. This waterless gel's natural germ fighters safely clean sticky fingers, faces, and bottoms without drying or irritating skin. Plus, it helps cuts, scrapes, burns and diaper rash heal faster.

It's a must for every diaper bag.

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All-Purpose Aloe Healing & Cleansing Gel™

All-Purpose Aloe Healing & Cleansing Gel™ provides natural healing, gentle cleansing and soothing relief for baby's sensitive or irritated skin. Soap and water may irritate chafed or red skin even more. This waterless gel cleanses without stripping skin of moisture. It contains our powerful AP4® Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe complex that naturally contains over 200 healing properties. Gentle and natural skin protectants help soothe and protect your baby's tender skin from chafing in skin folds and chin or cheeks from drool. When you're out and about, this unique gel is the best way to keep your little one's skin clean and protected from head to toe.

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