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About Us

Rooted from a medical heritage, TriDerma® has been in business for more than 24 years. Founded after one woman’s struggle to find safe and effective skin healing, after a surgical procedure left her skin itching, burning and in need of fast healing. Her doctor’s only advice was, “there isn’t anything on the market to help your skin heal faster than the normal healing process”. Not happy with that answer, she was determined to create her own proprietary complex infused with fast healing botanicals. 

We now offer more than 100 unique products made with organic Aloe Vera, plus other medical strength natural botanicals. Our goal is to create the perfect healing formulations for specific skin irritations using only the finest quality, most effective ingredients. We are passionate in our pursuit of fast healing, natural botanicals that do not cause harmful side effects and are cruelty free. All of our products are also cortisone free, paraben free and steroid free. 

Woman owned and customer approved for the past 24 years.

Learn more about our AP4® Aloe Vera Complex