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Aloe Vera - Our Seal Of Approval

  • The History of Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera has been called Mother Nature’s best-kept secret. From the time of the Ancient Egyptians to the turn of the century, people have been using Aloe for a multitude of topical healing treatments. There are over 500 species of aloe vera, but only a few have medicinal healing properties.

  • Safe & Effective

    What isn’t in our products is just as important as what is. Unlike prescriptions that may cause harmful side effects, our products contain:

    - No Cortisone

    - No Parabens

    - No Steroids

    - No Artificial Dyes

  • The Healing Power of AP4

    Our AP4® Aloe Vera Complex, which is made up of Aloe Vera, acts as a precursor to the skin. When it is combined with our specifically chosen ingredients, it allows the product to work faster and more effectively. Because each and every product contains the AP4® Aloe Vera Complex, they are rich in botanicals and help heal specific skin irritations.

    At TriDerma®, we have chosen to use only the finest grade Aloe Vera species, Aloe barbadensis, in each and every product. This pure form of Aloe Vera is blended into our proprietary AP4® Aloe Vera Complex, which is the key ingredient in all of our products. Our Complex contains over 200 natural healing properties, which are proven to help speed healing.

  • Benefits of Continued Use of Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera has many benefits – from drinking it to directly applying it to the skin, it’s been known to work wonders internally and externally.

    Here are some tips on how to incorporate TriDerma® products into your everyday skincare:

    Are you suffering from skin irritations such as sunburn or razor burn often? Consider using TriDerma®'s All Clear Aloe Gel to stop the discomfort and help calm your skin.

    Are you having a tough time healing that paper cut right on the knuckle that just won’t go away? Apply some of TriDerma®’s Intense Fast Healing for fast healing.

    Do your feet tend to get severely dry and cracked? Moisture them with TriDerma®’s Cracked & Crusty Foot Repair Cream which will help them regain moisture and help hydrate.

    Does your face tend to get red just because – or maybe from Rosacea? Try incorporating TriDerma®’s Facial Redness Relief into your routine to help reduce redness, leaving your skin glowing.

    Aloe has also been known to help heal the following conditions:

    Burns & Abrasions Acne Skin Elasticity