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First Aid

Our First Aid Collection helps provide fast healing and relief for cold sores, bruising, scars, burns, dryness and more!

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  • Cold Sore Quick Healer™

    Cold Sore Quick Healer™

    A natural, fast acting cream to help relieve cold sores from forming a...

  • Everyday Bruise Relief™

    Everyday Bruise Relief™

    Helps provide fast healing for bruising, swelling, itching, redness, s...

  • Genuine Aloe Burn Ointment™

    Genuine Aloe Burn Ointment™

    It's the 'must-have' healing cream for your medicine cabinet. This con...

  • Intense Fast Healing® Cream

    Intense Fast Healing® Cream

    Our best selling cream for the past 20 years. This unique, multi-purpo...

  • Kitchen 911™

    Kitchen 911™

    The kitchen can be one of the most dangerous rooms in your house. This...

  • Nasal Dryness Relief™

    Nasal Dryness Relief™

    This unique gel provides fast healing for skin chafing, redness and na...

  • Pain Relief Cream™

    Pain Relief Cream™

    A concentrated combination formulated to help provide relief for aches...

  • Pressure sore relief

    Pressure Sore Relief™

    This concentrated cream is specifically formulated to help promote fas...

  • radiation skin relief

    Radiation Skin Relief™ Fast Healing Cream

    This specialized formula contains natural botanicals proven to help he...

  • scar block

    Scar Block®

    This is a must-have for every medicine cabinet. Helps reduce the appea...


10 Item(s)

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