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Eczema Fast Healing™ Cream

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Helps promote fast relief for red, itchy, irritated, dry or cracked skin. This highly concentrated cream contains powerful, natural healing ingredients to provide long-lasting moisture, helps soothe burning and helps relieve itching without harmful drugs. May be used by all skin types. Recommended by Doctors and Dermatologists. Available in multiple sizes.

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This cream helps protect and relieve itching and rashes from Eczema or minor skin irritations due to chemicals, detergents or excessive hand washings. It provides soothing relief and long lasting moisture for dry, cracked and irritated skin.


AP4® Aloe Vera Complex is a proprietary botanical complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties to help reduce swelling, fight bacteria and soothe pain

- Allantoin, Colloidal Oatmeal, Urea and Vitamins A, B & E all help soothe and heal irritated skin


- Extra soothing relief for dry, sensitive skin

- Quickly helps relieve redness, burning and itching

- Works to prevent flare-ups

- Non-Greasy, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free

  • Laura
  • Location: Neck, arms, hands, torso, upper thigh, behind knees
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Fast, soothing relief from itchy rashes 4/9/16

This is the first product I've found that is cortisone and paraben free and actually brings relief! I get relief and a soothing response within minutes of applying the cream to an EXTREMELY itchy eczema flare up. With repeated applications, my rashes begin to heal. This product has a creamy, silky, moisturing texture when applied and I use it constantly! I appreciate its natural ingredients and that it is fragrance free. This is a God send and I only wish it was sold in larger, pump like containers! Try this will not be disappointed!

  • Odette
  • Location: AZ
  • Age: 18-24 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
It works for family with Eczema and other skin problem. 3/26/16

Our group was talking about how to keep our kids skin free form eczema. When a friend of mine told me to use Eczema Fast Healing cream and that she used it for her kids who had some skin issues just like my kids. After the party, I went to Walmart and bought this cream for my kids and since then, This was the only cream that my family has been using. We used to have dry skin especially for my daughter that had eczema, now they never had it since then. I can really tell that it really works and would not have any second thought of sharing this to my family and friends whenever I see kids may it be at party or in school who has the same issue. It does work and that makes life easy for children who has skin problems like mine. It is worth having and keeping! Thank you for creating such kind of product for every family around the world.

  • Annie
  • Location: Arms, back. Of. Neck
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Very good, it. Cooled my skin down completely.,my skin is. Very. Soft now, very good. Product, I rate this product an A, I recommend, this. Product. For. Any. Age. 3/21/16

Very good product, I. Recommend. This. Product for. Any. Age It leaves your. Skin soft, at my age 65, I got good results. I needed all the help I can get. I suffers from eczema. I give this product an A 5 stars. Leaves skin cool, subtle

  • Location: NJ
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Wonderful product 3/19/16

The eczema fast healing cream works almost immediately.
I have to buy more for other family members.

  • Alicea
  • Location: Nebraska
  • Age: 25-34 years old
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
great for my son 3/14/16

My one year old son has been struggling with baby eczema and everything the doctor's have gave him hasn't been working. I was going to schedule a dermatologist appointment for him but thought I'd go to the store and try an over the counter eczema cream. There was many different brands and types. I choose TriDerma just to see. We've been using it for 5 days and it's nearly cleared up all the way!! Nothing has ever worked this fast or effectively on him and I am so glad I went with TriDerma!!

  • kayekaye
  • Location: Golden
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Softer smoother skin in one day... 7/27/15

My hands get very dry in the winter months and I have used numerous creams and lotions. I have had eczema for years, and sometimes I have flare ups on my hands and face. Usually, I use a prescription cream for flare ups. I bought your product to give it a try, and it makes my hands so soft and smooth I forget I have eczema on my hands. Last month, I had a bout of eczema on my face after eating tomato sauce. I used my prescription cream and it did not go away, so I thought I would try the Eczema Fast Healing Cream. Know what? It was almost healed by morning. This is a great product, non-greasy, literally no smell and it WORKS! I highly recommend anyone to try this product.

  • Lisa
  • Location: NA
  • Age: 18-24 years old
  • Skin type: Oily
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Awesome! 7/10/15

I suffer from severe eczema on my hands, which is terrible because I'm a chef and my hands are my tools. For over a year a spent so much money in lotions. I probably bought over 20 different lotions specifically for eczema and none worked. The only thing that did work was taking steroids the doctor prescribed me. After I finished, eczema came back. I gave up hope and then one day I was buying gloves and I saw this lotion and from there, my life changed. This is the only lotion that works. Everyone was so impressed with how clear my hands became. I still do get some breakouts but they usually go away within 2-3 days.

  • kaykay
  • Location: titusville
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Fast acting 6/14/15

I have eczema on my foot and hand and while shopping for bandages I looked up and saw your product on the shelf at Walmart. I purchased it and applied it to the areas I have eczema when I got home. Wow! Within 2 hours the eczema looked better and felt better. Thank you -

  • Dee
  • Location:
  • Age:
  • Skin type:
  • Skin Conditions:
Excellent, curing an irritating condition 10/6/14

About 13 months, I developed some sort of rash on my legs (and periodically on arms/back) and I was using a cortisone itch cream. It relived itch, temporarily, but I still scratched and scratched until my legs would bleed, scab over, and look so ugly I refused to wear capris. I was at my doctor for an exam, and before she started, I said "Don't be shocked at what you see" and she pulled the sheet up. "WOW" (something you don't every want to hear your doctor say). After my exam, we sat and talked about the rash/spots and she did some research and couldn't come up with anything. Sent me for blood tests, still nothing. She did prescribe a non cortisone itch cream which helped with the itch, but not enough to clear up the spots/sores.

I took it upon myself to search and it sounded like a "form" of eczema so searched out products at Walmart and found the TriDerma Eczema Fast Healing cream and thought I had nothing to lose, and maybe everything to gain.

I've been using the product for about 4 months, and all but about 3 spots on my legs have cleared up. I highly recommend this product for anyone with Eczema or anything that seems remotely close, especially when your physician can't even figure it out.

The most recent tube I purchased had a defect and after opening/squeezing, the cream plopped out the crimped end of the tube. I contacted TriDerma about it, and with a little information I had to provide, they sent a replacement tube, Sharon James, Customer Service, was wonderful and understanding to work with. And it came within a week.

Call me a happy camper... and now I'm wearing capris and not feeling like people are staring at my legs (I live in the south, by the way, so capris will be around for a while longer).

  • Jackie
  • Location:
  • Age:
  • Skin type:
  • Skin Conditions:
Love it! 9/9/14

This product is the only thing besides steroids that has worked for me. I couldn't belive how fast it cleared up my eczema and gave me relief from the itching and burning. I would recommend this product to anyone!

  • Nay
  • Location:
  • Age:
  • Skin type:
  • Skin Conditions:
great product 7/13/14

This product does everything it claims. It even works well on my son who has EXTREMELY sensitive skin. It has so many of the natural ingredients i look for, and fragrance at all! Great product. I just wish all of your products were on the store shelfs. I have to order all of it online. It would be easier to recommend to others if it were.

  • Jeff
  • Location:
  • Age:
  • Skin type:
  • Skin Conditions:
Non smelly solution for Eczema 6/3/14

I was at the beach last year and forgot to take my prescription for my Eczema and of coarse it flared up on me. I went to a drugstore and saw Eczema Fast Healing Cream on the shelf and tried it. I was thinking wow I can use this routinely to prevent flare ups. The prescription worked okay but it was very coal like smelly and I hated that smell !

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Apply twice a day or as needed.


Allantoin 0.5%                  

Purpose:   Skin protectant

Colloidal oatmeal 1.5%    

Purpose:   Skin protectant


aloe barbadensis (AP4® genuine virgin organic aloe vera) leaf extract, arnica (montana flower) extract, beeswax, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), caprylic capric triglyceride, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, dimethicone, disodium edta, glycerin, panthenol (pro vitamin b5), phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 60, retinyl palmitate (vitamin a), sodium hyaluronate, sodium pca, squalane, tocopherol acetate (vitamin e), triethanolamine, urea, zinc pca

"I just want you to know that I have used prescription creams for years. I had a flare up from tomato sauce the other day ... used prescription Protopic for a couple days and the area was still red and inflamed. Today, I used your product. Know what? The area is almost healed ... just from one application of your cream. Thank you ... much cheaper than prescription Protopic, and less expensive." Kaye

"Found the cure after 15 years! I've tried so many different products for my hand eczema, just got softer hands, but still flaring and icthing, and finally hurting. Spent tons of money on all sorts of stuff, even corticoids. They'd help for a while and it comes back right away as soon as you stop using it daily. TriDerma dries them out and it takes really long, months for them to come back, then if you apply once or twice, gone again!!" - Juliana

"I would like to say THANK YOU for helping and healing my eczema rash with your creams! For the first time in almost 10 years, I was able to expose my neck and wear my hair up. If I did wear my hair up, I had my neck covered with a scarf or chunky sweater to hide my rash. My rash was so severe and unbearable that I cried at least once a week from the pain, I tried everything and spent hundreds of dollars on creams prescribed by the dermatologist. I am so thankful for your products! It has boosted my confidence and I feel beautiful! I have introduced it to my sister and friend who also has eczema. It has changed my life and I feel 100% again. I wish I could send you a photo, my fiance was so impressed he took a photo of my neck so I could see it for myself. Thank you TriDerma! Thank you!" -Christine

"I developed hand eczema a few years ago, and have small patches of it on the sides of my thumbs and on another finger. This is very painful and unsightly! I have tried many products, but this one is the best. This product WORKS GREAT to heal the broken skin, and then keep the area moisturized so it does not get inflamed again. I apply it after I wash my hands, before bed, and any other time during the day the affected areas feels dry. It is not greasy, and absorbs into the skin like a dream. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!" - L. Martin

"My adult daughter has suffered from eczema since she was an infant. It is so bad on her hands that they crack and bleed and sting. Every time I see a new eczema product I pick it up for her to try, but nothing could get it under control except steroids that she hesitates to use often. She has been using this cream for 3 days now and reports that she LOVES it. She said it is clearing up and softening the skin on her hands. She is so happy, and so am I." - Genevieve

"I bought this for my 2 year old daughter who has patches of eczema all over her body. This past winter was especially dry and her skin worsened. She had an especially stubborn patch of eczema in the bend of her elbow that would not heal. We had a daily regime of triple antibiotics and cortisone. We only bathed her a couple times a week and used cetaphil soap to wash her along with aveeno oatmeal in her bathing water, which after we applied aquaphor all over her. Desperate as the patch in her elbow was getting worse, I saw an ad for this and decided to try it. After 5 days of applying 2 times daily it healed up the patch completely. No weeping or scaling anymore! My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a bigger tube. But well worth the price as the results were excellent." - Alba

"I had very stubborn eczema rashes on my face that would only go away with constant use of steroids. I stopped using the steroids and the eczema would just come back, so I bought this product at a local Walgreens and my rashes disappeared within a week! Best of all, they have NOT come back in over a month! I use it daily in the morning and at night and it has completely prevented me from having any flare ups again. This is a miracle product!!" - Anna

"Since my daughter was a baby (now 6) she gets eczema on her stomach and the back of her arms. I have used several lotions and have applied them numerous times a day, but it never seemed to get any better. I found TriDerma Eczema Fast Healing Cream and it improved her eczema from the start! Even my daughter said, Wow Mom, my bumps are all gone!! And her eczema IS GONE!!!! I do continue to apply it after every bath, but that's it and it her eczema has never come back! I'm so happy that I found TriDerma!!!!!! Thank you!!!!"

"I first learned of this product from my sister whose 6 year old has eczema on her legs. She said she had scheduled an appt for the dermatologist but it wasn't soon enough so she went to Walmart to purchase something to immediately relief the itching and pain. She said she used this once and it complete healed my neice's eczema that she's had since she was a baby!! I bought some for the eczema patches on my forehead and it's safe and effecive on my sensitive skin. Highly recommeded over the counter product!!!" - Amanda

"Hands down the best product I've used! When I say I tried EVERYTHING Under the Sun to cure the dry cracked skin would be an understatement. Been fighting it for over a year so I could imagine the people that have been fighting it for years! I spent a lot of money on high end moisturizers, oil, gel etc...NOTHING would work cooler showers, patting myself when I get out, air drying more water in my diet everything suggested STILL didn't work, did more and more research and found this product, And I won't say this same experience will happen with you but after applying it ONCE, after a few hours it already started showing results, the patches are getting smaller by the day and healing nicely. Great product. I had to post this to spread the word so anyone else wouldn't have to spend years or a year dealing with intense eczema." - Allan

"This stuff seriously works! I was using Aveeno Eczema Care for a particularly vicious flare-up, and it was helping with the itch but the rashes persisted. I bought this TriDerma at a local store and I've been using it for about a week. The rash is completely gone. I keep it sitting out on my desk at work during the day and I use it as much as I can. Every time I think about it I put some on. It sounds like a annoying obligation, but you really get used to it. It's worth it for me to not feel like I have to cover my hands all the time. Give this stuff a try."

"I never write reviews but felt compelled to for this product. I have been using this product for only 3 days (apply twice daily) and have noticed a significant improvement on my skin. The redness is gone and the spots of dryness have all but disappeared. I can see them being completely gone by next week. This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it. Also, a little dab goes a long way. Oh, this product is also wonderful for under the eye wrinkle treatment. Fine lines do disappear." - Traci

"I have had eczema on my feet since I was 21 years old. It has gotten progressively worse as I get older. I have it very badly on my right foot and it has caused the skin on my foot to become darkened and not even bleaching cream would make the color go back to normal. I found this in Walmart a week ago and I was dubious about it even doing anything for me. I figured it would at least make the skin mositurized. Boy was I surprised. Within 3 days, I kid you not, the skin color was going back to it's original color and the skin was in better condition. It has been a week now and my skin color on my foot is almost back to normal. I also put it all over my foot after my bath and the skin is more supple. This stuff works better than the lotions and creams for diabetics. I don't care how much this is, I will continue to use it."

"My son was having really bad breakouts of eczema all over his body. We went to specialist and all they could recommend was moisture and Vaseline three times a day. He hated it but did see some improvement. After about 6 months of moisturizing three times a day I found TriDerma for eczema. The only store that sold it was Walgreens. It really had a drastic improvement on his skin. It took awhile before we noticed any difference but what was noticeable was that he stopped having breakouts. Now is skin is starting to improve more and it is noticeable. It took about 6 months to see any noticeable improvements but it did work for him. We also put a water filter attached to his bathroom shower head. The chlorine was drying his skin also. I think with a combination of the two we now have some control of the eczema. He has had it for so long that it has scarred his skin and it is taking a while to repair. TriDerma is expensive but to see his confidence come back, I would pay more." - W.

"I've tried all sorts of different eczema creams, including about everything Eucerin offers. This is far better than any others I've found. It's relatively non-greasy, moisturizes for a long time, and my skin doesn't get irritated even if I use it every day. I've used at least 12 tubes at this point." - Eric

"I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my entire family. We all (myself, my husband, daughter and son) suffer with Eczema. Your products, along with our allergy meds, have made a huge difference in our lives. We love the Extreme Dryness Plus & Eczema Fast Healing!!" - Knox Family

"My 9 year old son has eczema. We have literally tried everything to get rid of it. His pediatrician even prescribed creams and nothing worked. A few weeks ago it got so bad that he was in tears because it was starting to hurt. So I went to the store and looked and looked at all different kinds of creams and ointments for this condition. I was about to give up because most of them I have in my bathroom. Then I saw TriDerma Eczema Fast Healing. I never heard of it before. So I went ahead and bought it thinking, yeah right fast healing, we will see. Later that night I put it on my son's patch of eczema. He said it burned a little. I was thinking if it burns a little it might actually work. Sure enough the next day his patch wasn't as inflamed as it was the day before. And in 3 days time it was almost as it was never there. I want to tell you how thankful I am, for coming up with a product that actually is helping my son's skin condition. We have been fighting this for almost 5 years. I will continue to buy your products no matter what. Once again I thank you and my son is extremely thankful for TriDerma." - Ashley I.

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