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Facial Redness Repair™

Quick Overview

This highly specialized, intensely soothing cream provides results like those from a Dermatologist. It contains professional strength anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamins, carefully selected botanicals and proven healing essentials to quickly calm, balance and stabilize the skin. Daily use helps heal blemishes and improve overall appearance of skin prone to redness, sensitivity and Rosacea. Fast, visible results. Recommended by Dermatologists. Available in multiple sizes.

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This highly specialized non-greasy cream helps provide results like those from a Dermatologist. It contains professional strength anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamins, carefully selected botanicals and proven healing essentials to quickly calm, balance and stabilize the skin. Daily use helps heal blemishes and improve the overall appearance of skin puffiness and redness due to sensitive skin or Rosacea on cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. It helps provide on-going relief from flare-ups and helps maintain a healthy even complexion. Pair with Facial Redness Cleanser for maximum results.


- AP4® Aloe Vera Complex is proprietary botanical complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties to help reduce swelling, fight bacteria and soothe pain


- Helps reduce the appearance of redness, inflammation and Rosacea flare-ups

- Helps the appearance of overall skin tone

- Non-Greasy, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free

  • Natalie
  • Location: Louisiana
  • Age: 25-34 years old
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
It works 4/4/16

I am always looking for a way to help
Soothe my red skin and this product seemed to help pretty well. I am glad I took a chance and tried it out.

  • Janie
  • Location: Oklahoma
  • Age: Over 65 years old
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Great product 4/4/16

As I have gotten older, my skin has ended up with a redness on my cheeks. Using this product after every facial wash as a moisturizer, works! ! Thank You for this product. I also use the wash.

  • Nunyaz
  • Location: California
  • Age: 35-44 years old
  • Skin type: Oily
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Great product 3/31/16

I have always suffered from severe acne, oily skin, redness, scars etc.. I've tried just about every product there is and nothin works out for me, I never heard of this product before, I found it on the store shelf and thought why not try it.. So glad I did it is the best thing that i put on my skin...after a few days I noticed the redness was almost gone, I use this faithfully and will continue to use it I highly recommend u try it!!!

  • Paula
  • Location: Massachusetts
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Very effective...would recommend 3/29/16

I've had rosacea for about 20 years...I've never found a product to be as effective as TriDerma Facial Redness Repair. Prescriptions were too drying, other OTC products were ineffective. I saw this on a store shelf and thought I might as well try one more product. To my complete surprise, it calmed my face immediately. Thought it might be a fluke at first but I've been using it now for about 3 weeks and I can't believe the difference in my complexion. My skin is cool to the touch, feels soft and moist. I use a little mineral powder over this moisturizer and I look better than I have in years. Would strongly recommend this to anyone who has rosacea. Thank you TriDerma! I will definitely be buying some of your other products as well.

  • BETH
  • Location: michigan
  • Age: 45-54 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
The best I have used. 3/24/16

I have Rosacea, have tried just about every product there is and then some. This is the best I have used. It is so soothing to my skin, my redness is greatly reduced and my skin feels so soft. I even told my Dermatologist about this product and she stated she would share the info with other patients. I would recommend this to anyone with Rosacea it has made a huge difference in my skin!

  • Kelsey
  • Location: Duluth, MN
  • Age: 25-34 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Best product ever 3/22/16

I have used this product for the last five years. I had tried two prescriptions topical gels, other over the counter treatments and this is the one cream that calms my rosacea, redness, and dryness. Thank you Triderma!

  • Isa
  • Location: NJ/NY area
  • Age: 18-24 years old
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Fantastic! 3/20/16

I've used this product for the past year and a half or so, and I have to say that it's a miracle in a tube. My skin is both sensitive and dry and prone to redness and the occasional dry patches and blemishes. Since using both the Facial Redness Repair lotion and cleanser (both of which I stumbled upon at Walgreens), my redness has disappeared! In addition, the products gently exfoliate my skin without any harsh after-effects, unlike other products. There's no longer any need for gels or acne creams prescribed by dermatologists.

  • Becky
  • Location: Georgia
  • Age: 35-44 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Love this product! 3/20/16

I have fair skin that is sensitive to internal and external triggers that cause my Rosacea to flair up and break out. I used to use topical prescription lotions and gels that just did not help. I started using the Facial Redness Repair about 3 years ago, and it has helped tremendously. I still get a few flair ups, but the redness is not as severe and the breakouts that result from the stress do not last nearly as long. I used to be able to find this product locally, but now I order it straight from Triderma and I have the option to buy the 4.4 oz size, which is great!

  • Gilbert
  • Location: Cincinnati Ohio
  • Age: Over 65 years old
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
I like and use the product every day and have for many years 3/19/16

I have used this product or one made before this from Triderma for very many years. I wish I still didn't have to deal with the skin problem but age does not change the skin problems.

  • albert
  • Location: toms river
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
great 3/19/16

use this product daily works great

  • Debbie
  • Location: Colo.
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Combination
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Reviewing this product to enter in the contest 3/2/16

I really like this product except it doesn't quite do it as much as I'd like

  • tony
  • Location: long island
  • Age: 55-65 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
excellent feel! 3/1/16

my redness has always been a problem, especially in the winter when the air is dryer and i do not get as much sunlight, so after trying this awesome feeling product, i say that because its not greasy or heavy but feels light and yet you can still feel it working with a tingle and, the redness has been fading after almost a month of using this, my first purchase was from my local big box store think big red dot where i purchased a 2 oz tube for well over 17.00 and it worked really well and when it started getting low i checked out the pricing on amazon and on the actual triderma website and the pricing here is the best ,beat both the red dot and amazon so i purchased it directly and i got it super fast and a much larger tube double what i had before for less money than i spent for the 2oz....i have been using it as often as i can and i see and feel a difference, as a guy we are not supposed to care about our skin, but working with the public i am, judged dailey and with the deep red blotches i did not feel like the successful designer i am, so the boost of confidence has gone a long way, i recommend this product to both men and women who are suffering from deep red blotches on the face, especially around the nose and cheek area. give it a try and you too will feel the tingle, and look better and feel the level of confidence shoot way up there. do not hesitate buy this it is all natural, and works. so 5 stars!...for sure

  • Amanda
  • Location: Missouri
  • Age: 25-34 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
Smooth and non-irritating 3/1/16

I love this smooth and calming moisturizer! It doesn't irritate my skin. It noticeably helps with redness and helps me feel more confident without make up. It's a nice creamy texture that isn't greasy. I think the price is reasonable too.

  • Bob
  • Location: Fort Myers
  • Age: 25-34 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Psoriasis/Scaly
Miracle product 3/1/16

This product is the only one that can actually "cure" my psoriasis.

  • KS
  • Location: Las Vegas
  • Age: 18-24 years old
  • Skin type: Dry
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Best stuff for dry skin caused by Rosacea 7/20/15

It's hard having Rosacea in a dry climate like Las Vegas, NV. My skin burned and was constantly red and inflamed. Most products Bothered my sensitive skin or caused breakouts. This products soothes my skins and has reduced the redness. Most people don't realize I have Rosacea anymore. My Dermatologist recommended a prescript cream but no thanks. I'm sticking with this product! It's the best stuff out there and I've been looking for years for a solution.

  • Terri
  • Location: Philadelphia
  • Age: 18-24 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Rosacea/Redness
The Best !!!! 7/7/15

I have tried several products for my Rosacea over the years. Any where from inepesive to very expense . TriDerma is by far the best i ever tried. It light and does not burn my skin.

  • DL
  • Location:
  • Age:
  • Skin type:
  • Skin Conditions:
This product is Awesome 4/29/15

I am a "mature" woman who recently was diagnosed with Rosacea. Of course my Dermatologist recommended we start with a Topical Cream. Although the results in the last 2 months since my diagnosis are spotty, I am very frustrated it is not healing more rapidly. I decided to embark upon my own journey and have always been interested in natural healing first, then going to the "Medical Professionals", secondary. I came across this Facial Redness Repair cream yesterday and only used it last nite before going to bed. I must honestly tell you, already, only after one application, this stuff is amazing. It is already working, and I can't wait to see how my skin looks in a week. I do know the ALOE VERA has wonderful healing properties, used both internally and externally. If I can just say to others, Definitely try this, as I decided to do, and see for yourself. As a woman in her early 60's, I do not want to be dealing with Adult onset Acne, and look forward to the hope of my skin being beautiful again, with the help of this product line. Thank YOU so much for providing an alternative for natural healing to take FIRST PLACE. I greatly appreciate the Passion of a woman who made it "her mission" to pay it forward for other women and men as well to make a difference for us All!!!

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Apply to clean skin morning and night. Recommended for daily care of all skin types.


aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf juice, dimethyl sulfone, arnica (montana) flower extract, caprylic/capric triglycerides, isopropyl palmitates, behentrimonium chloride, cetearyl alcohol, volasil 995, polysorbate 60, tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate, C12-15 alkyl benzoate, allantoin, cetearyl glucoside, beeswax, cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin

"Triderma Facial Redness Repair is a miracle cream to me! After the 6th day of use I saw a 40% improvement of the redness that covers my face. I have been using it twice a day for 2 weeks now and the redness is receding even more, so that there has been a total of 60% improvement of the disappearing redness. My rosacea has improved so much and I am so pleased, it is like a dream come true! My face became so soft, and a calming feeling came of it after the first use. I strongly recommend this cream for others who are plagued by this unsightly condition. P.S. My rosacea was at it's worst point before I started this cream, and on a scale from 1 to 10, I would have graded it a 10, and now I would grade it a 4 or even a 3!" Linda., MA

"If you suffer from Rosacea, and you're looking for an alternative to harsh prescription medications such as Metrogel, I highly recommend Triderma. Metrogel does seem to dry out those tiny bumps and pustules, but it leaves my face terribly dry and aggravates the redness factor. I've been using Triderma for a week, and I've already noticed an improvement in overall skin tone and texture. In fact, I saw a reduction in redness just a few hours after the first application! I've never been more thrilled with a topical medication in my life. I still use Metrogel as a spot treatment for bumps, but I will NEVER AGAIN apply it to large areas of my face. Thank you, Triderma, for repairing my self-esteem and helping me face the world with confidence. I've tried several drugstore products that target Rosacea, and yours is absolutely the best." Bethany

"I have been having flareups of rosacea on and off for about 3 years. My doctor prescribed metrogel that worked sometimes but it would burn and it was very expensive! I no longer have insurance and a tube of it costs $170.00! Needless to say I have just been suffering with the outbreaks. I recently had a bad breakout and was really suffering and embarrassed by the redness and acne bumps. I asked at Walgreen's if there was anything they could suggest and the manager of the cosmetics dept. told me to try the Facial Redness and Rosacea. I am ecstatic!! The minute I put it on my face it calmed down my inflamed skin. In less than 2 days it is almost gone! Thank you very much!!" Teresa., WA

"I have tried all kinds of products and even expensive TV products and name brand over the counter stuff. I refuse to take a rosacea pill that my dermatologist prescribed me. I used to put pure aloe on my face and still I would get dry flaky skin on my chin and nose area. All moisturizers would burn on me and the "gentle" or "sensitive" cleansers and moisturizers would either burn my skin, leaving it redder or with another rash, or work for maybe a few days to a week, then I was back to square one. I was recommended the Facial Redness Repair and I LOVE it and have been using it for months! I use the cleanser sparingly and the facial repair liberally day and night and my skin, although still red sometimes, feels soft to the touch and I can get even coverage with normal foundation instead of dry, flaky, dandruffy patches on my chin and nose. I don't have to be embarassed anymore!!! This is a miracle product that is inexpensive and effective." Shannon., AZ.

"I have tried everything in the book to treat my Rosacea: Clinique, Eucerin Redness Relief, prescriptions from the dermatologist, etc...nothing worked completely. I figured that I had nothing to lose and would give this new product a try. At first when I put it on, my face seemed redder than before because you have to rub it in pretty good. But after it dried, I could tell it was working. And that was after one application! I have been using for a little over a week and I am actually able to go out of the house without powder on my face! My husband has even noticed the change to my skin. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results. The only complaint I have is the smell of the product. It has a slightly weird odor (almost plant-like), but once it dries the smell goes away. It works so well that I am more-than-willing to ignore the smell! If you have Rosacea, you owe it to yourself to try this product. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me." Sarah

"Thank you...thank you...thank you!!! I have never been so pleased with the results of a product...EVER! I am 45 years old and have been suffering from mild to moderate rosaeca for 20 years. Your product worked like a miracle. I saw immediate results. After one application my redness started to disappear. By day two,I was 90% better. It's now day 3...95%. My redness is so mild that I'm the only one that knows it's there. This is truly amazing. I've tried everything, numerous antibiotics (topical and oral), OTC products, you name it. In fact, I had just scheduled and appointment for a free consultation for laser treatment as I could not stand the facial redness anymore. Tomorrow, I am cancelling the appointment. If you suffer from rosacea you owe it to yourself to try this product. My face hasn't been this smooth and pleasantly pale in years! Unbelievable!" Eileen, WI

"I just wanted to thank your company for the difference you've made in my appearance. I've suffered with Facial Redness for over the last 15 years or so. I've never been to the doctor or dermatologist about it because well, I'm stubborn. I've tried numerous different creams and cleansers and have had no results. After just a couple days of using your Facial Repair Cream, my face stopped burning and flaking and every day my skin has looked more and more healthier. My family, friends and work colleagues have noticed the difference as well and I get comments all the time on how healthy my skin looks now. I wish I had found this product years ago but you can bet that I will continue using your products from here out. Thanks again and keep up the great work." John

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