Eczema Fast Healing™ Cream for Face and Body


Eczema Fast Healing™ Face & Body Cream temporarily protects and helps relive minor skin irritation due to eczema and rashes.  It provides long-lasting moisture and helps relieve itching. It’s rich, non-greasy, formula contains clinically proven Colloidal Oatmeal, essential botanicals, vitamins and AP4® Aloe Complex. No added fragrance & Cortisone Free.


Eczema Fast Healing™ cream helps promote fast relief for itching and rashes due to Eczema related symptoms. This rich cream contains essential botanicals, vitamins and AP4® Aloe Vera Complex. It provides long-lasting moisture and helps relieve itching without harmful drugs.

Key Ingredients:

  • AP4® Aloe Vera Complex is a proprietary botanical complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties
  • Colloidal Oatmeal, Shea Butter, Arnica Montana Flower, Beeswax, Vitamins B & E

Need to Know:

  • Helps soothe dry, irritated skin and rashes
  • Powerful itch relief
  • Non-Greasy

What We Leave Out: Fragrance, Parabens, Cortisone, Steroids, Animal Cruelty, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Phthalates.


Apply twice a day or as needed.


Active Ingredient:

Colloidal Oatmeal 1.5%

Purpose: Skin protectant


Inactive Ingredients:

water, cetearyl alcohol, urea, isopropyl palmitate, arnica montana flower extract, glycerin, polysorbate 60, cera alba (beeswax), dimethicone, allantoin, zinc PCA, sodium PCA, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), sodium hyaluronate, cetyl alcohol, sodium phytate, sodium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin.

*Certified Organic Ingredient – Mayacert Certifier

97 reviews for Eczema Fast Healing™ Cream for Face and Body

Relief for cracked hands

This winter, the combination of frequent hand washing and cold/dry air left my hands dry, itchy, cracked, and sometimes even bleeding. TriDerma Eczema Fast Healing was the only lotion that helped to heal my hands. It actually soaks into the skin, unlike most creams that leave a greasy layer on top. I always make sure I have a small travel-size tube in my purse.

Works fast

This product really works fast

Eczema on a 9 year old

Product works great! My daughter gets some pretty sore and itchy spots on her. If we catch it right when it starts, by morning you can barely tell that it was there.

Life saver!

I bought this cream for my baby. She is so sensitive and this cream its the only one that works whenever her skin flares up. I don’t use steroids on her skin. I just love this cream.

Simple and Helpful

This cream has been helping my eczema very well. The itching has experienced a great reduction in my body. I plan to buy this cream quite often in the near future.

Great Product

One of the best products I have found for my eczema. It is instantly soothing and my skin is healing with continued use. I am glad I found this product but I wish it were easier to get a hold of from my local store.

Better than a prescription!!!

My dermatologist has been trying for years to clear my eczema for years with limited success. One visit I received a sample of your fast healing Eczema cream and I have had much greater success than with the many prescriptions that I have used. Even my dermatologist was surpised that it worked so well! I will be a dedicated user unless, I hope, it completely goes away. Thanks for a great product.

Amazing product

This product is a MUST-have for anyone suffering from eczema or rashes. It works almost instantly and heals over many hours, including overnight. Definitely recommend!

This stuff works!

I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to a new product I was using. A large, red, itchy, painful rash developed on my neck and upper chest. I stopped using the product that caused the reaction and rushed out to the store to search for some relief. I tried this cream hoping for some kind of relief. It immediately stopped the insane itching and soothed my skin. After a few days the rash disappeared and the itching was gone. But the crazy thing is my normally red chest started to lighten. I have had a red chest for years. I figured it was just sun damage from years of being dumb and not using sun block. Don’t get me wrong, my chest is still pinkish, but no where near the red it normally was. I don’t know what is in this stuff, but it is pretty awesome.

Awesome product for Eczema

I get eczema on my arms and legs especially during the winter. The Eczema Fast Healing really worked great! Cleared my skin quickly. My teenage son also gets dry patches on the back of his arms and this product cleared his skin. We love it♥️ Thanks

Great product!

One of the few creams that doesn’t make my eczema or psoriasis worse. Using it regularly got me the closest I’ve been to clear, non-irritated skin in a long time.

Eczema cream

I used this for my son that has eczema he will be 2. It is not greasy feeling and seemed to keep his skin moisturized for the night. Would recommend.

Great Product at a Great Price

I’ve tried many other, more expensive, products to treat the eczema I have on my feet. I bought this as another “experiment” and was so pleasantly surprised that it worked! I wish I had tried this sooner.


I used this produce on my eczema over my face and body. It work better than anything I have every tried I will recommend it to anyone. It is topped over all.

skin saver!

ordered mine on walmart and to be honest, I’m kind of skeptical at first and doesn’t have high expectation of the product at first.
After 2 days of using it on my legs that’s already starting to be covered by eczema, the itchiness lessen and redness are already starting to lighten up.
Now I know what to get next time for my eczema.
Thank you for this wonderful product!

Fast working

I have used a few things but this was the first one to stop the itching I had so fast. Love it! Will be going to be getting this every time now.

Fast healing & healthier skin!

I came across this product during a flair up of eczema over different areas on my body. The claims of fast healing made me laugh but boy was I wrong because 2 weeks later my skin was fully healed! I honestly could feel it working after the first application. My skin felt instantly more moisturized and calmed down the redness and itchiness. I am already on my 2nd tube to keep around for any flair ups or if my skin feels super dry. I can’t wait to try more products!

Got some relief

I had sea lice (baby jelly fish stings) so I bought this to try and get some relief from the itchiness and uncomfortable feeling, since I had read colloidal oatmeal can help. I do think it helped, but I gave it only 4 stars because the consistency felt kind of weird and would peel off in little flakes.

(verified owner)

finally some relief!

With my allergies I have real sensitive skin and often get redness and eczema. This is the only cleanser and lotion that brings relief and helps heal my skin.

(verified owner)

healing skin

As an allergies sufferer my skin can become very sensitive. This is the only skin relief I have found. I clears and soothes my eczema and redness so I can feel normal again. Thank you for making such a good product.

Very moisturizing. Not oily. No obnoxious perfume smell

Excellent product

For a long time I have suffered from allergies on my skin. This causes me a lot of itching, burning and redness. After a long search for treatment I find myself with triderma. This totally changed the way of managing my allergy since this wonderful product brought hydration benefits to my skin, calms and restores my skin when my allergy is activated. Immediately control all redness and itching. The price and affordability of this product is great. Unmatched warm price. I recommend it 100% and more. I have already tried other products of the triderma line that I still love.

this product is amazing

i have gotten really big eczema spot on my hands and arms and i have been using this for a week and it has almost cleared all of the eczema spots away.So i really recommend you buy this product it is really worth your money!

Fantastic Relief!

Doctor recommended this for an extreme case of dermatitis. It is the best thing I have found after 40 years of trying different lotions and creams.

Nice product

Great! Finally something that don’t feel like it’s there not greasy no stingy feeling n works. Used around eyes n on eyelids mostly at first works great.

Works better than prescribed medicines!

My sons have very sensitive skin and this is the only product that has worked to get rid of rashes they have. We have gone to a dermatologist and they have prescribed all sorts of different creams and none of them ever worked until I tried this product that I was able to get on the shelf at Walmart! Absolutely wonderful and such a lifesaver! I can’t wait to try other products!

Really Works

My 1 year old daughter has eczema and this cream does GREAT for her. Not to strong and it takes away the dryness and itchiness.

Restful Sleep

I am so thankful for this cream, it not only gave my G- baby relief from her eczema itch. It provided me with a peaceful night’s sleep knowing she was not in discomfort. The silky feel is an added bonus. THANK YOU !!!!!!

Love this Product!

I’ve tried so many different products for my eczema. This is one of the only ones that I have found that actually helps with the itching in the dryness. I highly recommend this if you have eczema

Absolutely Love This Product!

I find eczema for a very long time and this is one of the only lotions I have found that actually helps. I have tried so many different lotions and other things to help my eczema but this is the only one I find actually truly helps at all.

I Finally Have Soft Hands!

My hands recently broke out with a nasty case of eczema. Nothing worked, no matter what I did my hands were red and itchy. Then I bought this bottle of Triderma, and it worked! My hands are finally soft and not itchy. And im not embarrassed for them to be seen.

Helps eczema, but a bit pricey.

Helps calm my eczema, soothing. A little pricey though.

Amazing Product

This cream is amazing!! Just the first use of using the cream you can actually notice a big difference to the skin. I would totally recommend this cream if your struggling to find the perfect product!!

Works very well

This product works great!


Just bought this and have a patch in the fold of my upper arm, the itching stopped so am very hopeful that this will improve my skin irritations

This cream really works!

I have been trying hidrocortisone and other products to treat the facial ezcema of my kid and nothing works at all, after 1 week using this cream the ezcema gone!!! It’s amazing.

Skin care

My daughter has it really bad this is the only over the counter medication worked so far

sensitive skin for years

My skin has been a problem for me for 30+ years. I have sensitive skin, I am allergic to most makeups and creams, I break out in a rash when I am stressed or the weather is cold. I recently had very dry skin with patches or redness that would resemble a sunburn and peel. I tried Triderma a few days ago and the itchiness was immediately subdued. I use it in the morning when I wake up and in the evening when I go to bed. I am very pleased so far with the results.

Amazing product

This product is amazing it helps calm my eczema. My ankle and hands are finally soft and not itchy anymore. I would totally recommend this cream if your struggling to find the perfect product.

Amazing product

I always have TriDerma around it is the best all around product. I use it all the time it has no strong smell, feels nice on, and help heal and smooth eczema skin. Wonderful product!


I developed hives on parts where I had used some perfumed lotion. A couple days later, I broke out noticeably on my neck and chest. Very itchy too. Tried a couple of home remedies which didn’t seem to work. I went to the store to seek Benadryl and saw this product which in had never heard of before. I paid couple bucks more for it and figured, what the heck it has promising results. Went home and immediately applied the lotion. The itching stopped and it felt like the rash had disappeared after about 10 minutes of applying. But it was still there. I reapplied again today and already noticing the rash is slowly disappearing. So glad, cause I’ve been staying home until the rash is completely gone. Which looks to be in the next couple of days. I highly recommend trying this product for at least a couple of days to start seeing results.

Really works!!!

I am 24 years old and I have been having eczema since I was very little. I have try so many lotions and creams and saw no results didn’t help me at all. By far this is definitely one of the best cream for my skin I started seeing results right away I love it thank you!!

Works great

This lotions actually do work. This lotion heal my hands and I no longer suffer from dry skin or rough hands thanks to triderma.

Good product

The eczema cream has been very good in controlling itching and providing moisturization. I like that it is cortizone free. It is very easy to use, and I would recommend it.

Good Product

This eczema cream provided great relief to my dry, irritated and itchy hands. So far this works better than anything else.


Works great and quick. Working at starbucks I get really bad dry hands on top of already having eczema on my wrists an knuckles. This has helped incredibly just with a few nights a week use.


I have eczema on my hands and they are very dry spots. I have been using this product for 2 months and I definitely can see improvement it is not all the way gone but it is a process. Definitely recommend.


Our son has had eczema as a little baby have used cortisone cream now for 7 years. Wanted something with natural ingredients so decided to try the Eczema skin relief and have seen his skin improving. It has only been a week so hoping for great results as I have read from other people reviews.

Wonderful product!!

Since the pandemic and having to use hand sanitizer and frequent hand-washing my Eczema came back and what the doctors tried for a year to help with …..with very little results, this cream has helped within a week Simply Amazing!! Thank you

Absolutely awesome product

My 11yo daughter has eczema bad due to it being in my husbands family so we bought this after trying tons of stuff and to say the least we wasted tons of money because after 1 day with this product we noticed a difference. We will not be buying nothing else besides this because it is true to its name it is “Fast Healing”.

Finally Eczema relief

I bought this product and it really gives relief from the first use. This was a purchase of a cream that didnt go to waist. Squeezed every single drop. I had trouble finding it in tandam stores but I got another bottle.

Truly A Holy Grail

After living on the Mediterranean coast for three years with mature/maturing skin, i realized the extreme importance of sunscreen and healthy maintenance of skin barrier, as my skin would easily become scaly/patchy and super dry or oily and prone to heat rashes depending on the season, therefore enter urea. Once the heat rashes were triggered, though, i had no other course but apply hydrocortisone based creams, which really disrupt your immune system and/or hormonal balance in the long run.

Since i returned to the States, i was in the market searching for a urea face cream that is not too expensive or too heavy. There were only a handful products for my desired price range and they had heavy, crude formulas compared to the drugstore formulas available in the old world.

Fast forward, upon my return, we moved from humid North East to much drier Midwest. And due to moving stress, i broke out like i never did before. There were three different patterns of itchy rashes all over my face, armpits and my décolletage. It was truly awful. I grabbed this cream at our local Walmart from the eczema aisle out of desperation after a quick look at the ingredients. SO GLAD I DID. It did not only instantly relieve my itches, it really helped my recovery without cortisone based creams. Of course it wasn’t overnight at this point as i was having a full blown episode, but i was cleared in about 10 days. If it sounds like a miracle, it really is, but it’s only the beginning. Because i realized how good the formula was ( urea, aloe complex, hyaluronic acid, arnica, panthenol etc etc) for everyday use as a face cream especially with tretinoin use and dry climate. Urea fights the drying effects of retinol and the lack of humidity by restoring skin’s barrier, the rest of the formula is also designed to be soothing and nourishing. It feels heavy the first minute of application but it absorbs rather quickly and remarkably. I haven’t had another eczema episode since then. I still can’t believe this product exists and at this price range. This is truly a well thought, no-nonsense , ingredient rich formula that i wholeheartedly would recommend to anyone who have periodic heat rashes, randomly triggered eczema and/or broken skin barrier and regular retinol use. The large tube lasts me a good four months with everyday use. I am even planning to take a few tubes with me to hand out to my friends and family back home, finally an American -made product worth gifting, sadly a dying breed. I am intrigued with their Spot And Wrinkle formula, as well, ingredients look equally promising.

Good for Eczema

I wasn’t sure about this when I bought it but I was desperate because of the itchy & I needed something fast. It took a few days but I really like it so far. It is kinda pricey because it doesn’t t last long at all. I will continue using it & hopefully it will help it and not flare up I ce it’s all healed.

Eczema relief finally!

This is amazing and works wonders in the winter. Once it started getting cold my hands just broke open. Using this has helped my hands so much. It was so painful before and now i can bend my hands. Love this and recommend this to anyone that needs eczema relief during winter.


It works wonderful love this product

Best cream

I was suffering from worse eczema on my hands and elbow area . It really works and reduce the itching and redness. Its works like a wonder cream for me . Highly recommend it . I wish i found it earlier so i dont have to face all the issue with eczema .

Wonderful Products

Enjoy the relief I get from your products. Works Every time for painful rashes during allergic reactions.

Great for itching

I developed a itchy rash on my upper body all of a sudden so I bought a tube to try since the reviews seem very positive. I am happy to report that it does help with the itch! I apply this product when my skin starts to itch and the itching is gone right after. I am glad to find something that works and is natural. The product is thick but not greasy, it absorbs in minutes. I went back to the store to buy a second tube because I am afraid to live without it!

Fast relief

Really calmed my eczema fast.

Great Product

I finally found a product that works for me. I tried so many others and none did anything for me.
Thank you for making such a pure product – wonderful. It is my new ‘go-to’!!

Best Eczema Cream, Hands Down

This cream is the only thing that relieves the eczema on my hands! I have one in my purse, night stand, bathroom, etc., and has cut down on the amount of ezcema flare-ups considerably. I have recommended Triderma’s eczema cream numerous times to severe dry skin and ezcema sufferers all with great results.

Absolutely love this

I have tried every brand out there , they are expensive and do not work. I bought this product and I absolutely love it .i carry a tube with me daily. It moisturizes and heals at the same time .

Miracle in a tube!

I recently tried a new face product that caused a reaction on my skin. Redness, rash, itching. Just awful. A friend recommended me to try this and overnight it took it away! Absolutely love it, and will recommend to anybody I know that suffers with eczema or a problem like I had!


We have tried several brands and nothing has ever worked this well on my daughter’s eczema. Will definitely only use this brand from now on.

Great Product.

Works well for my daughter’s eczema.

Great Product

I used this product when I broke out with eczema on my face after using a product with retinol. I had a reaction to the retinol and this wonderful product clear my face up after three days. I would highly recommend this product.

great healing product

Thank you for this product and having it @ Wal-Mart. It was the soothing product I needed for my full-body dermatitis rash & severe itching. I still have to reapply frequently at night, though. (Nights are the toughest.) I found out that I was allergic to cortisone & your drug-free, all-natural, oatmeal-based product was just what I needed.

Nice stuff

The consistency was surprising but nice. It does have a medical kind of scent but its not even strong. I applied the lotion and dont smell it at all! I hope to get good results from this item.

Quality Product

This works very good to heal up my son’s eczema. I always keep it on hand when he has a flare up.

It Really Works

This is my first time using this product. I had been searching for something to calm my Eczema flare up and I looked online and found out that the TriDerma Fast Healing worked for a lot of people. My eczema is really bad and once I used this product the first night before bed I noticed it was already working to calm the itching and pain. I would suggest using the Fast Healing. I am going to next buy the Body Wash and then work my way through each Product. It really works!

Works great

It’s not sticky like hydrocortisone and its super soothing and instantly took my itch away.

it works for my kid

i have a young kid and she has eczema on the back of her legs and i put the Eczema fast healing on it works and she says she feels a differents with it and it stops itching. i tried other brands and they never seem to work untell i tried this i was so happy with this product thank you.

So far so good

I struggle with an itchy, scaly patch close to my chin on my face. I’ve been using doctor prescribed erythromycin and it does help with itching and keeps it from spreading but it dries it out and doesn’t heal. I bought this product from walmart and after one use (applied at night) I woke up and my skin was just a little red, no flakes, or cracking. I’m hoping with continued use that my skin will heal up.

Miracle cream!

I have tried everything for my daughter’s eczema. Since birth, she has had eczema throughout the year, and it is worst during the winter. I’ve been putting this Eczema cream on her for the past week and she no longer scratches and the little bumps on her body has greatly diminish. I have also been using this on my dry and irritated skin on my face due to other exfoliating cream I put on my face. I was tired of my face looking dry and red, and it’s been healing the skin on my face as well. It seems when nothing works, use this! Miracle cream!

Great for my 3 year old

My son has eczema so bad and we were prescribed a cream with steroids in it, it helps okay unless it’s really bad but I prefer to limit the amount of medications with steroids in them. I happened to find this while shopping online and it’s been working great. Unlike the prescribed cream, I can safely apply this cream on my sons face. I use it everyday and it does not sting him or seem to bother him unlike other creams or ointments. His breakouts are decreasing and are not as bad. This really helps him way more than other creams I have tried hands down.


This is one of the first lotions I have tried that actually brings relief to flare ups. I have tried so many expensive brands and I gave this one a shot not thinking something so well priced would work. I was wrong! I have only been using it for a day, but it works fast when my skin starts to get inflamed. I get severe flare ups, so the itching is always hard to stop, but this does so much better than others I have tried.


Not a cure, but itch subsides when used. Would purchase again.


A few years ago my hands started breaking out just around the winter times and its would go away and come back every year and then this past year or so my hands constantly were cracked, split, super dry and they would bleed and they hurt so bad I couldn’t take it every time I would move my fingers was in pain i tried just about everything I could too get it to go away different lotions, hand creams, vaseline, Neosporin, I would wear gloves with Neosporin every night and its would relieve some of the pain away but once I washed my hands and dried them they would break out again it was never ending, and then finally my husband was looking at different types of creams and came across this product and i was like why not try it and see if it would work and so I started using it for a couple weeks and i instantly could see a difference and feel a difference and my hands look and feel so much better. I use it everyday still but just because I dont want my hands to get bad again if you could see my before and after you would be amazed! This cream is really a miracle worker I dealt with this for soo long I’m glad we came across this cream!

Highly Recommend

I applied it to my arm after it had been bandaged after surgery. Within the first application it healed the dry skin and calmed the itching.

Wow, thank you for letting us know. We have heard that the adhesives in some bandages can cause allergic reactions in some people. Glad to know the Eczema Fast Healing Cream was put to good use after your surgery. Take care.


This really helped my dry cracked hands after frequent hand washings and hand sanitizer. Would definitely recommend 😊

The only one that actually worked for me

This stuff works great! My eczema breaks out once a year and I struggle with finding something that actually works fast. This is the cream that I recommend to friends and family that also suffer from eczema.

It works for us!!

I am happy that my hands feels and look better. Thank you.

Cannot wait!

This seems to stand out in comparison of other products! I cannot wait to try it out!! The other reviews seem promising!


Love this cream my fingers crack. And this helps a lot. And I love how it makes your skin feel soft

Love it!

I love this stuff. I use it everyday!


This product works fast, and so far has been the best for my eczema.

Great product!!

This product helps my eczema so much, it helps heal and stops the itch, its my go to product!


It burned a bit but it was so worth it after a while of letting it soak in and everything will definitely pay more from this company.

Works great

works great especially on extremely dry hands.

Great for my hands.

I get cracked and chapped hands, especially in the winter. This is great for that. It helps my hands and gives me relief. And not greasy.

Miracle cream

This cream lotion is a miracle for my skin. Nothing else has worked like Triderma. I rub it into my hands @ night, put gloves on & the next morning my hands don’t feel like sandpaper and the cracks are almost healed.


Since using this product I’ve noticed less inflammation and a decrease in itching to the area. 10/10 would recommend


My children have eczema and I was so tired of trying to find something that would actually help! I have been using this on them (they are under the age of 5) and it has been working! I have tried a lot of different brands, creams, ointments etc. So far so good with this I am really hoping it continues to work for them! We seen results within the first week after applying it 2xs a day. I would recommend.

Fast results

Will purchase again very satisfied

Best product

My daughter has severe eczema and I tried everything but no relief until I found this product I definitely will get more for her

What are you waiting for?

I bought this on a whim not knowing anything about TriDerma products because it was one of only a few eczema products I could find that has no cortisone. I am glad I did because this stuff works! I wish I found it sooner. After just one use my hands looked and felt so much better. Healed cracking, less scaling, and reduced redness. It is quite thick but absorbs really well and provides instant soothing relief. The only down side I would say is it doesn’t come in a bigger size! If you suffer from terrible hand eczema such as myself look no further, this is the product for you! 🙂

I am so glad the Eczema cream helped provide relief for your hands. We are working on some larger sizes now. Stay tuned.

This stuff WORKS!

I’m diabetic and have had issues with dry skin increasingly in the past 2 years. Creams and lotions helped for awhile but eczema started within the past 6 months. My doctor prescribed creams that didn’t work very well. Last week I was in Walmart looking for something that might help. I saw your eczema fast healing cream and there was only one box left on the shelf. So, long story short, I bought it and it really works! I’m so thankful! God bless you for creating this wonderful natural remedy.

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  • hollya

    I am so glad the Eczema cream helped provide relief for your hands. We are working on some larger sizes now. Stay tuned.

  • taildrag47

    This stuff WORKS! I'm diabetic and have had issues with dry skin increasingly in the past 2 years. Creams and lotions helped for awhile but eczema started within the past 6 months. My doctor prescribed creams that didn't work very well. Last week I was in Walmart looking for something that might help. I saw your eczema fast healing cream and there was only one box left on the shelf. So, long story short, I bought it and it really works! I'm so thankful! God bless you for creating this wonderful natural remedy.

  • AD

    What are you waiting for? I bought this on a whim not knowing anything about TriDerma products because it was one of only a few eczema products I could find that has no cortisone. I am glad I did because this stuff works! I wish I found it sooner. After just one use my hands looked and felt so much better. Healed cracking, less scaling, and reduced redness. It is quite thick but absorbs really well and provides instant soothing relief. The only down side I would say is it doesn't come in a bigger size! If you suffer from terrible hand eczema such as myself look no further, this is the product for you! :)