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Protect & Heal™ Barrier

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Helps provide fast healing protection against serious skin breakdown and soothing relief for irritated areas. It provides 3-in-1 barrier benefits.

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Use for chafing, diaper rash, pressure sensitive areas and other damaged or hard-to-heal skin problems.


  • AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe Complex is a proprietary botanical complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties to help reduce swelling, fight bacteria and soothe pain


  • Use for chafing, diaper rash, pressure sensitive areas
  • Non sticky clean up like Zinc Oxide-based barriers
  • Non-Greasy, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free
  • MKM
  • Location: WI
  • Age: Over 65 years old
  • Skin type: Sensitive
  • Skin Conditions: Pressure Sores
Protect & Heal - A Life Changing Product ..... 4/4/16

If my skin could talk, it would tell you about all of the struggles it has had keeping healthy. Because of certain medical conditions, I cannot walk much, so I mostly sit. Over time, my skin became very sensitive and began to break down, and even sitting became extremely painful. I sought out the help of a well-known dermatologist. He said I needed a skin barrier cream which would thoroughly cover the very sore areas, and I left his office with a few samples, prescriptions and directions for use. I tested each cream and kept notes about the results, which were all very discouraging. My skin "yelled" at me after using some of the creams, since they irritated the area making it even worse. I had no improvement, and to make things worse, they were expensive and my insurance would not pay for any of them. Back to the doctor I went, very discouraged. More creams to try, more trials, and no luck - my skin was sore and I was miserable. I decided to look on the internet myself. After much of my own research, I discovered the Triderma website! I actually found a few different creams that could possibly help, and the fact that no harsh chemicals were used in these products really sounded encouraging. I called the company, and worked with an employee named Sharon. She was GREAT! She took the time to go through each product, make suggestions, and answer all of my questions. I put in my order for Protect & Heal Barrier, which sounded like the best choice for my skin condition. After a very short wait, a package arrived at my door! I prayed that maybe I had found some relief for my hurt, broken-down skin. The rest is history! I DID notice a positive change in my skin after only 1 week! I could sit down and not constantly be in pain, the areas were actually healing, and my skin was not inflamed and "angry" as it had been for so long. I then made another doctor appointment, and I took my jar of Protect & Heal Barrier along. My dermatologist was very impressed with the results! He said the ingredients of the cream were very safe and good for me to use and he actually wrote down the name of the company and the product for his own reference! Thank you Triderma for making my skin smile again. You changed my life and I am so grateful. MKM

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Cleanse the irritated area before use. Then, apply a generous layer of cream. It can be left on thick or rubbed into skin. Use as many times a day as necessary until healed. For continuous protection and healthy skin, use daily.


aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf extract, AP4® genuine virgin aloe complex, petrolatum, stearic acid, beeswax, allantoin, zinc PCA, linoleic acid (vitamin F), panthenol (pro vitamin B5), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), phenoxyethanol

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