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TriDerma products can be found on the shelves of most of your favorite retailers and drugstores. However, not every store carries all of our products – but we’re working on it!

Please use the search bar to find out which retailers near you carry the product you are looking for. If you don’t see one listed here, give us a call and we’ll place the order for you over the phone.

Thanks for choosing TriDerma!

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Psoriasis Control® Stubborn Diaper Rash™ Healing Cream
Intense Fast Healing® Cream Ulcer Defense™ Healing Cream
Bruise Defense™ Healing Cream Foot Defense™ Soothing Cream
Psoriasis Control® Shampoo Facial Redness Cleanser™
Pain Relief Cream™ Kitchen 911™
Spot & Wrinkle Scrub™ Stubborn Eczema Itch Healing Cream
Scar Block® Scar Block® for Kids
Everyday Bruise Relief™ Facial Redness Relief™
Pressure Sore Relief™ Cracked & Crusty™ Healthy Foot Cream
Pore Reducing Primer™ Vein Defense™ Healthy Cream
Spot & Wrinkle Cream™ Dry Skin Defense™ Moisturizing Cream
Protect & Heal Non-Greasy Barrier™ Facial Redness Bundle
Stubborn Diaper Rash™ Healing Cream (pack of 4) Eczema Fast Healing™
Eczema Fast Healing™ Cream + Soothing Shampoo Bundle Eczema Fast Healing™ Cream (pack of 4)
Psoriasis Control® Cream (pack of 4) Intense Fast Healing® Cream (pack of 4)
Pain Relief Cream™ 4 oz (2-pack) Soothing Shampoo

Look below to see which products are carried by each retailer. 

The products can be found in the first aid aisle, skin care aisle, baby aisle, and diabetic area of these retailers.  

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please ask the pharmacist or store manager to order the products for you.