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Severe "Stubborn" Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream™

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This premium, multi-purpose healing cream works on contact with highly concentrated levels of organic ingredients to provide soothing relief for irritated skin and helps heal even the most stubborn diaper rash caused by change in diet, medication or prolonged wetness. When used daily, it helps prevent diaper rash from occurring. Recommended by Doctors and Pediatricians.

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Medical strength formula with FIVE times more healing power than traditional diaper rash creams. It contains highly concentrated natural healing botanicals and vitamins and TWO clinically proven skin protectants. It provides soothing relief on contact while it begins the healing process for normal, severe or hard-to-heal diaper rash from medication, formula or changes in diet. You've never felt a diaper cream like this before.


AP4® Aloe Vera Complex is a proprietary botanical complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties to help reduce swelling, fight bacteria, and soothe pain

- Zinc PCA, Oat Proteins, Shea Butter, Vitamins A, B & E help heal and soothe irritated skin


- Soothing relief for mild, stubborn or hard-to-heal diaper rash

- No sticky, gooey Zinc Oxide to wipe off

- Daily use helps heal and protect

- Non-Greasy, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free

- Provides 5x more healing power than traditional diaper creams

  • Missy A
  • Location: NA
  • Age: 18-24 years old
  • Skin type: Oily
  • Skin Conditions: Eczema/Itchy
Awesome Product! 8/19/15

My daughter got a massive, blustery rash that lasted a few days and I tried other creams and nothing touched it. This stuff started clearing her rash in one day and kept it gone. It is really gentle, no harsh smells. I do not use anything else!

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Change wet and soiled diapers promptly. Cleanse the diaper area and allow to dry. Apply cream liberally as often as necessary with each diaper change, especially at bedtime or anytime when exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged.


Allantoin 1.5%        

Purpose:   Skin protectant

Dimethicone 2%    

Purpose:   Skin protectant


aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf extract, AP4 ® genuine virgin aloe complex, avena sativa (oat) extract, beeswax, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), cetearyl alcohol, disodium EDTA, glyceryl stearate, panthenol (vitamin B5), persea gratissima (avocado) oil, phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 60, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), rubus idaeus (organic raspberry) juice, sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), xanthan gum, zinc PCA

"I love the Severe Diaper Rash Cream. It saved my daughter's bottom when nothing else even touched it." - Melissa A.

"I just wanted to write a note to express my love of Triderma Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream. I have 2 daughters. One of them is 2 1/2 and the other is 8 months old. With my first daughter, she had severe diaper rash throughout her infancy and I must have gone through about 10 different creams/lotions/rubs with no help. The doctor even recommended many brands, none of which helped ease my daughter's discomfort. I happened upon TriDerma and decided to give it a try as I had done with so many other brands. Let me tell you, this cream worked wonders on my daughter and had begun to heal her diaper rash and reduce the redness within just a few diaper changes. As a mother, it felt so good to find a product that would help my baby to not be in discomfort and pain! It truly is an amazing product that does what it is intended to do. Anytime a rash would flare up, I would use the cream and it would subside. I wanted to write and thank you for making such an amazing product!!!!! I had originally purchased the cream at Toys R Us and had bought about 10 containers as I wanted to have it on hand and it was not always in stock. My daughter also suffers from Eczema which is worse in the cold/winter months and I also rely on your Eczema Fast Healing cream to help with that (my husband swears by it as well). With my second daughter I have had very little diaper rash issues. However, a few weeks ago she developed a rash. It is very difficult to find TriDerma in the stores anymore and so I was again attempting to go through other brands to see if any of them would help. None did. When going through my older daughters diapers/wipes/lotions I happened to find an extra box of the Diaper Rash Cream, much to my elation!!! Again, I used it and within a few diapers changes I have already started to see an improvement. When any other parent has asked me if I have any recommendation for diaper rash, the first words out of my mouth are always TriDerma and I immediately write it down for them so they do not forget. It is an amazing product that has helped my family. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" - Amy

"Worked when no other treatments did! Our 8-month-old had been battling a mild, but persistent, diaper rash for nine weeks. We switched diaper brands and tried and every available OTC remedy we could find (Desitin, Triple Paste, A&D, Calmoseptine, Balmex, Vaseline, Aquaphor, coconut oil, cornstarch, powder, Monistat, and Lotrimin) and even Vuzion prescription ointment. Within 48 hours of using this product at every diaper change, the rash disappeared completely! We've continued to use it 1-3 times daily and at bedtime, and have not seen the rash reappear at all over the last two months. The product has a pleasant non-greasy feel, no odor, and is easy to squeeze from the tube one-handed. I've even begun to use it on my eczema with stellar results. I cannot recommend this product highly enough!" - ReaderMom

"I have three kids and my last was the only one to get absolute severe diaper rash. We use sensitive wipes and diapers and change her every time she soils. Sometimes, she gets intense diaper rashes. We tried everything (Balmex, Boudreauxs, Desitin, A & D, etc). A friend said it was probably a yeast infection and we tried Lotrimin to no avail. We found Triderma Severe Diaper Rash and as a last ditch effort gave it a go. It cleared her up almost over night. Triderma Severe Diaper Rash cream is phenomenal!" - Justin S.

"Works better than any other cream I've tried when my daughter gets a bad rash. Some have been so bad they bleed, but after one application at night by morning it's almost complete gone! Love this stuff!" - Amy C.

"One of our favorites for a bad diaper rash! For daily use we use other creams, but this product clears up a red or sore bottom immediately and does not sting, since it does not contain zinc oxide! We have tried all brands and this seems to work the best for us! It has been a life saver. Highly recommend! Have received other product samples from this company and impressed with other products, as well." - Maureen H.

"Loved it! It worked very well, and is very well priced. Works as well as the expensive RX that I used with my first child." - Lowan J.

"Amazing fast results. It was the only product that cures our daughter's diaper rash and we use it daily ever since." - Andrew G.

"I recommend this product to every mom whose baby has rashes. My son's rash disappeared 2 days after. The product is really good." - MayJane M.

"I love it! The best stuff I have found for diaper rashes." - Cassandra B.

"For those of us who have reached the age of having to use products like Depends this is an awesome product to use when those irritating rashes come up. TriDerma isn't just for babies, it works great for us as well. I tried every rash cream on the market and even tried prescription anti-fungal creams. This cleared up the rash in just a couple of days. Noticeable results after the first application. Definitely recommend it!"

"I just wanted to say that this product was a life saver. When my 6-week-old baby boy developed a bad diaper rash, I tried so many different products (Destin Maximum Strength, Aquaphor healing ointment, Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Spray) and none of them seemed to help him at all! I purchased your TriDerma Baby Stubborn Rash Healing Cream and I swear it seemed to instantly help clean up his rash. Also, the fact that the box I purchased (at Walmart) had 2 different size tubes in it was amazing. No other company has done that before. Thank you for making such an awesome product and taking the time to actually listen to your customers, you definitely have a loyal customer when it comes to me and my children, and I can't wait to try your other products." - Lindsay S.

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