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Five Hacks for Beautiful Hair

Five Hacks for Beautiful Hair
By TriDerma Admin February 8, 2019 No comments

We all dream of having gorgeous flowing locks, but as effortless as some people make it seem, having beautiful hair doesn’t just happen overnight. Quick fixes like hair extensions and Brazilian blowouts can be tempting, but these remedies can end up hurting your hair in the long run. Plus, they are expensive and temporary! On this week’s blog, TriDerma is spotlighting five hacks for achieving beautiful hair.

1. Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair

Contrary to popular belief, there is such thing as over-washing your hair, and it can be quite easy to do. Washing your hair with shampoo often (say, daily) not only causes damage but also sucks out moisture. Over-washing your locks makes your scalp dry and removes the essential oils that travel from the roots to the tips of your hair. Unless you have an extremely oily scalp, you should aim to wash your hair only a couple of times a week.

2. Massage Your Scalp

Who doesn’t love a good head massage? Massaging is key for improving blood circulation in the scalp, reducing redness and spreading natural oils evenly, which keeps the roots of your hair strong and hydrated. Not only are hair oils are packed with vitamins that promote scalp health but they also contribute to hair growth and act as natural. Massage your scalp regularly and reap both the relaxing and hair health benefits!

3.You Are What You Eat

Surprise! Your diet affects many parts of your body, including your hair and scalp. The food you eat should be balanced to ensure you’re intaking all the vital nutrients that promote scalp and hair health. Also, since hair is primarily made of protein, you should aim to eat at least 45 grams of protein daily. Foods that are ideal for hair growth and health include green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, and fish. Keep in mind that antioxidants jumpstart your metabolism and blood circulation which keeps your scalp healthy, too.

4. Avoid Brushing Your Hair When Wet

One of the first things many of us do when we hop out of the shower is brush our hair. Unfortunately, wet hair is especially susceptible to damage and breakage, and brushing through those wet strands can heighten these consequences. If you’re in a rush and can’t wait for your hair to air dry, use a towel to remove as much moisture as possible before brushing. Even waiting just ten minutes will help reduce damage!

5. Get Selective About Your Shampoo

Scalp and hair health go hand in hand, as the oils found on your scalp get distributed down each hair strand. When your scalp gets dry and lacks moisture from these oils, it can lead to dandruff, hair breakage and more. Completely avoid any shampoos containing harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates and other unnatural fillers. TriDerma’s Soothing Shampoo combines Aloe Vera, vitamins and essential botanicals to help improve the look of a dry, scaly scalp and promotes healthy hair. Unlike other medicated shampoos, this exclusive salon formula smells amazing and gently cleanses hair while promoting shine and manageability.

At TriDerma, we believe that healthy hair is not only happy, but also beautiful. For more information on other maximum-strength TriDerma products, visit or contact us at